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Shopping for home theater movie chairs and cinema theater seating?

Look no further! Used Home Theater Seating has a huge variety of Used real movie theater seats to choose from!

We get great, high quality used theater seats from theaters from all around the United States of America.

Why buy new, when you can be green and save some green. Used theater seats are often LESS THAN HALF the cost of new theater seating.

Plus you are helping to save the planet by using recycled theater seats.

We do absolutely everything you can imagine, as far as theater seating is concerned!

We sell, we rent, we install, we remove, we refurbish, we recover, we replace foam, we fix springs, we sell new, we sell used, we sell refurbished, we embroider we... well you get the idea!
Call for a free quote on ANYTHING theater seating related. We can come to you. We travel the United States working in theaters.

Check out our wide range and our collection of used home theater seating and movie theatre seats and chairs.

Need thousands of used theater chairs? Or just need 6 seats for your home theater? No problem, we can have real commercial theater seats for you, in a huge variety. In stock and ready to go! We also carry new overstock theater seats, at great wholesale prices.

Whatever the size of your home theater room, we can help you in your home theater designs by providing free seating layout drawings. Just give us a call at 727-798-6949 or Email: WholesaleTheaterSeating@gmail.com

We have helped thousands of customers with their Used home theater seating. Deciding what home theater furniture is to go into your theater room is a big decision. We can help you; we are experts in home theater chairs. As one of our 40 year veteran theater seating salesman likes to say: "If there is someone who knows more about theater seating than me, I would sure like to meet them!"

Got a theater seating question? Can't find what you want? Give us a ring on the telephone. We are here to help!

So what separates a great home theater from the standard multiplex experience? Nothing, now that you can get real used movie theater seats for your own home theater room. Our commercial grade, deluxe home theater seating offers a level of film-watching comfort that's simply amazing and lots of fun.

With home theater seats from UsedHomeTheaterSeating.com, you'll enjoy comfortable multi-seat theater chairs that allow you to truly enjoy each cinematic moment, all in the comfort of your own home! No distractions, snacks within arm's reach. Hot popcorn, a cold soda, and a great seat from UsedHomeTheaterSeating.com where we provide our customers the best seat in the house.

Theater seats share armrests, saving you valuable room in your home theater room. Most of the theater chairs we offer have cup holders in their armrests for your drinks. We have fixed back theater seats, rocking back theater seats, true rockers and chairs for level floors and sloped incline floors. If your theater room needs it, chances are excellent that we have it. Give us a call, free answers! Give us a call at 727-798-6949 or Email: WholesaleTheaterSeating@gmail.com

UsedHomeTheaterSeating.com is committed to providing fast, low-cost theater seating, many offered with free shipping. We sell real authentic theater seats just like the ones in today's state-of-the-art cinemas and movie houses. We offer an outstanding variety of products for every budget. We specialize in theaters seats and theater seats only. We are not a jack-of-all-trades; rather we are theater seating experts!

So if you're seeking information on the best theater seating for your needs, we have helpful information here on the web and we have friendly live customer service experts.

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We deal in wholesale new and used theater seating. We buy and sell theater seating. Contact us with any of your questions, what-so-ever. We would love to hear from you!

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