Real leather home theater seating. HT Chairs.

leather home theater seating

ON SALE now....
A row of three Celebrity Seating's Cinemax 13174 real leather, home theater seating.

So are you getting a deal?
Hey, You betcha!

Compare to RETAIL…
Base Chair: $899 each (Row of 3 = $2,697)
Real 100% Leather: $250 each (Row of 3 = $ 750)
Power Recline: $150 each (Row of 3 = $ 450)
Shipping: $95 each (Row of 3 = $ 285)

TOTAL: $1,394 each chair X 3 = $4,182 Retail. (Row of 3 = $4,182 Retail)

We are offering these at WHOLESALE PRICES!
We are offering this row of 3 chairs at $2,199.00 with free shipping.
That’s a $1,983 savings folks!

These chairs come with ALL the bells and whistles!

So this offer is for a row of three Celebrity Seating's Cinemax 13174 home theater seating.
With, real leather, power recline, free shipping, wall away, 41 inches tall, living in the lap of luxury, totally awesome, home theater seats.

How can we do it? Strength in numbers my friend.
We are such a volume buyer we can pass these HUGE SAVINGS on to you.
Do not be misled. These are BRAND NEW STILL IN THEIR BOXES!, made in the USA chairs!
These are not knock-offs!

The fine print:

You get 100% Leather. That is to say your chairs are 100%, fully upholstered in real top grain leather. Everywhere. NO Vinyl!


Electric Power Recline lets you, at the touch of a button, recline your seat to any of a myriad of positions.
And because these chairs are wall huggers, they only need to be inches away from the wall, NOT out in the middle of your room.
It should go without saying: Leather is a natural product; so different grain patterns are of-course possible. Just like any first class natural product, variations can occur. Is this why our prices are low? (See I know how you think:-) The answer in Absolutely not. Your chair is A #1, Top Quality, exactly like you would see in any retail furniture store showroom. It is The Best!

Free shipping is for the contiguous 48 United States. We ship to Hawaii, and Alaska, but it costs extra. And yes we ship to or neighbors in Canada too. Call for a shipping quote.

Color: These chairs are offered in Black Leather.
Black is by far the most popular, outselling any other color 10 to 1.
"Black goes with everything." See picture.

Assembly: No tools (yeah!) required.
Just be careful opening the boxes (do not use a knife!).
The chairs back slides on to the fully assembled bottom.
The chairs connect together on their sides.
No box is wider than 28-inches wide, so you can get them through your door, up your stairs, around the corner, and into your room.

Delivery truck calls you the day before the delivery to schedule the delivery.
If you live on a cul-de-sac, on a dead end street. PLEASE tell us.

We would love to absolutely talk to you about anything at all (related to seating, of course). Pick up the phone and give us a ring at: 727-798-6949 or email us with any questions what-so-ever at:

Oh yeah, the warranty"
Celebrity Seating's Cinemax seating has a limited lifetime manufacturers warranty against defects in the frame and recliner mechanism. The power recline and upholstery have a 1 year warranty. (I have had my Celebrity Seating Cinemax seats in my own home theater for since 2005, and have had no problems what-so-ever.)
The warranty card is in the boxes.

Celebrity Seating's Cinemax home theater seating

Celebrity Seating's Cinemax home theater seating

How long before you get them? 10 days, baby! You have gotta love it!
That is right... TEN DAYS including SHIPPING.

NO ONE but Celebrity Seating does this folks!

10 business days from time you order to time your get it? How? We got the connections! (Barring any unforeseen occurrence, hurricanes, trucking strike, nuclear explosion, you get the idea).

Celebrity Seating's Cinemax home theater seating
Celebrity Seating's Cinemax home theater seating

Okay, I know what your thinking, there are other recliners for much less, why would I pay $2,199, for something I can get for $999 ?
Great question, and here is our great answer.
To be blunt, you are comparing apples to oranges. Check this out:
________________________Cinemax 132174_____ The $999 Bargain Chairs
100% Full Leather___________YES______________________NO
Electric Power Recline________YES______________________NO
Made in the USA____________YES______________________NO
Highest Quality______________YES______________________NO
Lifetime Warranty____________YES______________________NO

When it comes right down to it, there is more to a product than price. There is service and quality. We have these chairs in stock now. Your customer service will be exceptional. You order it today, and 10 business days from now you will be sitting in your new chairs! And Quality? Give us a call, we are not allowed to tell you the real Brand Name of these chairs in this offering, because we are selling them so far below retail. Give us a ring, we will explain to you why you can rest assured, that you are getting the very best quality money can buy. [Just 'for your information' Sylvester Stallone has these chairs in his personal home theater, The Royal Family of Dubai, yes the King of Dubai, has these in his personal home theater, the list literally goes on and on, as the American manufacturer of these chairs has been around for over 80 years! (since 1928!) and they are not going anywhere!]
Okay? Any more questions?
A great product, at a great price. What you have come to expect from, and Celebrity Seating.
Pick up the phone and give us a ring at: 727-798-6949 or email us with any questions what-so-ever at:

We deal in wholesale new and used theater seating. We buy and sell theater seating. Leather Home Theater seats and chairs. Leather home theater seating. Contact us with any of your questions, what-so-ever. We would love to hear from you!

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